What would you like to know about us?

Q&A HR and Q&A Law was devised by Iain Lock an experienced business lawyer who recognised that business owners need access to quality legal advice quickly and they did not want to have to go to their lawyers offices to get it. Business get most of their services via the telephone, email or on line portals, so why not legal advice?

The concept, of Q&A HR and Q&A Law is to provide busy business owners access to quality legal/HR advice quickly, by experts in what they do and have the experience to help your business and not just provide advice.

We can help you, because;

We are professional people who are experts in what we do.

We are qualified in what we do

We have experience in our fields of work

Our experience enables us to give added value advice that is specific to your business

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We hope you find Q&A HR useful for your business.

Please contact us on 01920 463777 or email answers@qandalaw.co.uk for more information.


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