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At Q&A HR we recognise that by training employers, managers, HR professionals and staff on employment law matters, it is a great way of ensuring that your business is more professional and able to deal with issues as they arise and be in a better position to defeat a claim that may be brought against you.

Our experience also shows us that often when a business attempts to deal with staff problems at the outset without taking professional advice, by the time they contact us the damage is done.

Our training courses in how to deal with disciplinary issues will train you and your managers on how to conduct these procedures properly, avoid the common mistakes and prevent successful claims being made against you.

We use specialist employment lawyers and barristers who conduct employment tribunal cases to advise you on how to avoid the pitfalls placing your business in a position to prevent claims from being made.

This is an example of the courses we provide, which are tailored to suit your business needs and the staff we will be training;

  • How to conduct an investigation.
  • How to manage a disciplinary process.
  • How to conduct a disciplinary meeting.
  • How to run a redundancy process.
  • How to avoid discrimination in the work place.
  • Annual employment law updates.

Case Study

Training Built a Better Business.

A client of ours has a business with about 30 staff which included 4 managers. The company was experiencing a problem with a few staff. The managers were not trained in any HR/employment law processes and so did the best they could to deal with the disciplinary issues. Unfortunately, the way that the managers dealt with the disciplinary matters did not comply the law and so the company were at risk from being taken to and Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal. We identified the problem and put together a training program for the existing managers, and for any new managers. As a consequence , the staff realised that the managers were now well trained and did not cause them any problems. . The managers felt empowered and confident that they could deal with most disciplinary issues in the correct way. The business grew as the owners now had a more settled work force who were focusing on the business.

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