How much time do we waste finding an answer?

Don’t waste time trying to be an expert, just ask one!

How Much Time Do We Waste

I am often amazed at how much time we all now spend looking on the internet for the answer to a question, whether this is for business or in our home life. Often we would not know the answer if we saw it anyway and so spend some time educating ourselves on the subject matter in the first place. Once we have done that we then look for the expert answer from a source that we feel we can trust and we hope that the answer that we think we have found is the right one.

In home life it does not have such a financial impact as it is your own time, but in business, time really is money and if you get the answer wrong that is more money wasted. So often what you are looking for is a cost effective way of finding  the expert answer in  a quick and  cost effective way.

Get Expert Help

Obtaining  expert advice for your  business is crucial and can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds if taken early. It is also critical that the advice you receive is from people who know what they are doing. It is vital  that you are also able  to keep control of costs as we all have horror stories of receiving invoices for professional services that vastly exceeded our expectation and sometimes budget.

Case Study

Some of my client’s are conscious of the time and money equation in business and have successfully used our Business Counsel fixed fee, telephone advice service to help them.  The two clients that I have advised in the last couple of weeks had issues with client’s not paying them quite small sums, but nevertheless it was money owed to them and why should people get away with not paying! They wanted to keep control of the costs and did not want to spend a lot of money with a traditional solicitor to find out what their options were or hand over the case and loose control of spiraling costs, so they used our Business Counsel service when they needed and that gave them access to our specialist lawyers over the phone for a reasonable fixed fee.

By obtaining the advice my clients were able to act quickly and ultimately this course of action paid off as they got the money that was due to them. Getting the right advice early saved them time and money and   they did not have to trawl through Google or go to a solicitor and pay by the hour.


If you have a legal question for your business we have the answer, so don’t waste time call us today and we can help you for a fixed fee. Call 01920 463777 or email


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