We can help you restructure your business.

As a business develops and changes there can be impacts on the requirements and management of its staff and so you may need to implement a staff restructure. As we are independent from the business we can bring an objective and sometimes alternative view on achieving the business’ goal.

By using our management experience and HR expertise we can assist your business on the following;

  • Identify the requirements on the business
  • Clearly set out the goals to be achieved
  • Draft a plan
  • Meet with required managers to set out the proposal
  • Identify the legal requirements to be fulfilled
  • Implement the plan
  • Manage the process.
  • Attend any meetings
  • Conclude the process.

We are available to help you every step of the way!

Case Study.

Changing Shift Patterns

A client who operated a private ambulance service needed to move to a three pattern shift working arrangement in order that it could attract more business. Most of the drivers had been with the business for a number of years and had worked the same shift for most of the time. The owner was aware that these drivers had been loyal to him and helped him build the business so although he needed to make changes he did not want to loose them.

We agreed a plan with the owners of how we would approach the staff and negotiate with them on changing the shift pattern.

We wrote to all 38 drivers individually setting out the proposed changes and the reasons why. After meeting with each driver they all agreed to the changing working pattern and all stayed with the business.


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