Employment Tribunal Service.


If you unfortunately find yourself facing an Employment Tribunal claim do not worry, our expert team of employment lawyers are here to help and guide you.  We can help take away the stress by dealing with the whole case.

Our Employment Tribunal Service

We know that dealing with a Tribunal claim is stressful and time consuming and can be expensive. Our specialist lawyers can provide you with an assessment of your chances of success and discuss with you  whether to fight the case or to settle if we think that this is a more commercially viable option.

We can deal with the whole case from drafting your reply to the case (defence) preparing and drafting witness statements, dealing with the Employment Tribunal. Presenting a case to an Employment Tribunal is a specialist skill and so we instruct specialist employment law barristers to represent you in the Tribunal.  

Employment Tribunal Costs

Defending a claim in an Employment Tribunal can be costly, however we can assist you by agreeing a payment plan and budget at the outset.

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