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Q&A Law was devised by experienced business lawyers to provide busy business owners access to legal advice quickly, without paying by the hour, so they can carry on running their business. We have built our own client portal and use modern technology to provide quick, accessible advice and documents for businesses.


Assurance of help when you need it.
People can be unpredictable and we know that you may need advice and assistance at any time. We provide you with the assurance of quick access to your HR department when you need it.

Employing staff means that you may need assistance at any time. Quite simply we provide your business with the support and advice to manage your staff. We can support you through finding the right candidate for the vacancy to ensuring they have an appropriate contract at the start of their employment. We will then help you manage your staff by providing you with expert employment law advice in a way that you understand and can implement ensuring you manage your business better and safely.


A department in your business.
We consider ourselves part of your business, the only difference, is that this department is in another building. This enables you to recruit the right people and help you manage them.

We find out what our clients want to achieve and work with them to reach the best outcome.

Please contact us on 01920 463777 or email answers@qandalaw.co.uk for more information.


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